Price : $11.97
Brand : Kidde Time

Stuffed Animal Hammock and Toy Storage Net by Kidde Time. High Quality Organizing Solution.

Kidde Time, LLC is proud to offer our top rated Stuffed Animal Hammock and Toy Storage Net

Here’s what makes our storage net standout:

* Our net provides an affordable solution to end all your stuffed animal clutter.

* Our design will even stack for a unique display.

* Our net allows for creativity. Add this storage net to your bathroom to hold towels or hang it in a corner to store your craft materials such as yarn for knitting and crocheting. How about storage for small exercise equipment – boxing gloves, exercise bands and balls? Don’t forget a storage net to organize the college dorm rooms! This storage net offers you unlimited storage solutions for all kinds of organizing challenges!

* Our unique and affordable toy storage net makes a very popular baby shower gift.

* Installation is easy with instructions and hardware included plus further installation instructions are also provided in an email sent to all customers after purchase is final.

* Just scroll to the top of this page and click on that big yellow button to place your order and eliminate clutter while protecting precious memories.

* This Kidde Time Stuffed Animal Hammock and Toy Storage Net is sold exclusively by
Kidde Time, LLC.


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